Who We Don't Work With.

Specific qualities that would preclude us from working with a client.

We love people, but if we’re frank about it, not everyone works well together with others, and over our many years in business we’ve come across a few clients with attitudes we simple won’t tolerate. Our goal here is not to scare anyone away from doing good business, but we like honesty, and thought it best to let you know we don’t do business with everyone that comes knocking on our door.

Here is a short list of specific qualities that would preclude us from working with a client.

  • Clients who procrastinate, are indecisive, or are control-freaks.
  • Clients who aren’t willing to trust our knowledge from our years of experience, or expertise.
  • Clients who try to nickel-and-dime their way through business.
  • Clients who need a professional, but want to tell the professional how to do their job.
  • Clients who are disrespectful, racist, or bullies.


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