Not Being GDPR Compliant Can Shut Your Business Down

Become Compliant Faster & Easier With This Powerful WordPress Plugin
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Does GDPR Sound Like a Nightmare?
It is! 

If You’re Not Compliant Today, You’re Not
Ready For Business


The worst (or best if you’re an end-user) is that it pins liability on businesses of all sizes. Not just giants like Facebook and Google, but really small players like me and you too.

There’s no escaping GDPR, we HAVE to confirm. There’s NO OPTION. Not if you want to stay in business.

Everybody has to take the journey to GDPR compliance, no matter how small you are, no matter how difficult it is, and no matter how much effort it takes. If you’re running a business that’s online, you’ll need to be GDPR compliant.

If you’re doing any of the following, you need this powerful plugin:

  • Running a blog on WordPress with content on absolutely any topic.
  • Running your corporate site on WordPress blog with content pages.
  • Grabbing leads from your WordPress sites using any plugin or tool.
  • Accepting comments and messages on your WordPress site.
  • Running a basic E-com store on WordPress that’s using standard WP features.


The Broadest
Compliance Scheme

Of All Alternatives

  • Compliance on 7 Key GDPR Requirements
  • Works with your blog or any other custom implementation of WordPress including e-com stores.
  • Just plug it in and set it up in less than 3 minutes for faster GDPR compliance.
  • Cookie requirement compliance makes sure your EU visitors are briefed about cookie policy.
  • Terms and conditions policy compliance gets your visitors consent to your T&C.
  • Privacy policy compliance creates consent requirement for your privacy policy.
  • Right to forget compliance lets you delete user data manually.
  • Or… Refuse to accept EU traffic on your site (Built in the plugin)

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With every order of this plugin, each client goes into an order-queue. As you may imagine, there are alot of clients who would order this to secure their business from penalties. We will install the plugin for you, so please look out for our email.

Full Disclosure: We’ll be honest. It is NOT enough to only install this Powerful Plugin for you to have a 100% custom implementation of WordPress or if you run a complicated piece of business that does a lot more than blogging, but it will take care of BIG CHUNKS of compliance requirements, making it easy for you to EASILY fill the rest!


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