Google Chrome Extensions

Unlimited Google Traffic, Leads & Sales From A
Hidden Source of 1.38 Billion People in Any Niche.

Google Chrome Has More Users Than EVERY OTHER BROWSER Combined! Opening Up A Perfect Opportunity To Use Google’s Own Love Of Google With Lead-Generating Google Crome Extensions.

So Why Do I Need A Google Chrome Extension Anyway?

Lead Magnet

Your Own Chrome Extension Lead Magnet In Google’s Directory ~ Promting Visitors To Install Your Extension 

Push Notifications

Deliver Unlimited Push Notifications AND Capture Email Leads Too. The Easiest Way To Get More Signups, Traffic To Your Site.

Get Clients

Sell More Of Your Own OR Affiliate Products To An Entirely New (FREE) Audience

Our Google Chrome Extensions Service Lets You:

Build your email list at the same time as you…


Collect a subscriber group for push notifications.

Gives you unlimited, uncapped ability to grow. 


Adds YOUR logo to their website browser.

Links to YOUR website (or whatever offer/page you choose)

Gives you one of the most POWERFUL Google backlinks possible.

3.5 Million People EACH DAY Search The Google Extensions Directory

This secret search database is your ticket to mining a HUGE hoard of traffic in ANY niche.

And when they install your extension you’ll be able to send push notifications, collect their email address and keep bringing them back to your site.

Why Are Push Notifications Such A Big Deal? 

Push notifications let you send notifications directly to a person’s desktop.  You don’t need to write huge emails, it’s just like sending a text message, but direct to their computer and when they click it, you can send them to whatever link you choose. 

Right now, it’s the cheapest tool to stay in touch with your subscribers too!  

We’ve worked out a way to allow you to send UNLIMITED messages ~ no caps on subscribers or the number of times you message them… and for years to come!

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