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A Quote From The CEO

“The ever-changing economy has been blamed long enough for hardships in business! The economical-changes are NOT the problem, & they should instead  be viewed as sterling opportunities for you to triumph!… If you’re not looking at it in a way that enables you to show the world the mettle you are made of, then that’s a problem!… ‘Progressive-Living’ requires ‘Progressive-Thinking’, & you know you’re on the right track when your customers don’t want to do business with anyone else but you!” ~  Kevin Dass.

In mid-2006, Kevin Dass founded Triniversal Arts ~ a Caribbean-based, privately-owned company with a vision to help entrepreneurs & organizations to first achieve & then surpass their goals with the “Progressive Business Solutions” they will need for their continued-success.
Fast-forward to 2019, Kevin has successfully grown Triniversal Arts to help many people from Over 16 countries around the world to succeed in their businesses, both online & offline.

Triniversal Arts was born out of a passion to take high-level business-profit strategies secretly used by big, successful businesses, & put them within reach of the small business owner. We pride ourselves on producing extraordinary results for our clients while keeping costs affordable, so regardless of your marketing budget, the results include a significant ROI.

As he is known for creating many success-stories for anyone he works with, Kevin’s mission moving-forward is to help over 20,000 entrepreneurs each year in as many countries as possible to improve their business-economy, by also working with key-offices including those of governments worldwide that share in his vision for excellence, prosperity, & a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Some Of Our Happy Clients


From what I’ve learned, Kevin’s mentors are multi-millionaires, and they always have a long waiting list to get on their coaching programs. A few months ago I heard about Kevin’s Coaching through the grape-vines and glad he agreed to coach me. Pros: No waiting list; I Learned Alot; Went from a low-ish 4 figures a month to six figures in my business within 90 days. Cons: I wish I have found out about him sooner!

Michael Pierre. Entrepreneur. British Columbia, Canada


Shortly after we bought-over "High Income Streams" we hired Kevin Dass to help us monetize it in the early stages but this guy surpassed all our expectations with what he developed for us. Kevin designed a master, income-generating system for us that we used to consistently generate over $150,000. each month. We later sold our company/website after 2 years for 8 figures, and we owe much of that accomplishment to all Kevin did for us. Without his expertise and coaching, it wouldn't have been possible. We recommend him very, very highly! Contact him today. He is the best!

DIllon Schilling. Former Owner of H.I.S. Su-ngai Kolok, Thailand


I hired Triniversal Arts & my business soon turned around. Kevin coached me. He showed me exactly where I was losing revenue and helped me tweak a few things that turned everything around! I get more walk-ins and some of my new clients are even happy to pay me extra for the extra value they get in turn. I attribute all this to Kevin’s Amazing Coaching. The Best investment I ever made.

Cassie Irvine. Entrepreneur/Consultant. Albany, Australia


I trust them with my business! Kevin has done an exceptional job with Triniversal Arts, and his vision for excellence has greatly benefited my business. By implementing his strategies, it’s helped me get a flood of targeted clients that I did not know was even possible! Many thanks mate!
Your straight-talk, out of the box way of thinking and realism is just what both my business and I needed.

David Khan. Entrepreneur/ Engineer/ Real Estate Broker. Coventry, United Kingdom.


Have had the privilege to allow Triniversal Arts to enhance my business visually and I can tell you, the work done was done professionally, customers service and quality for your money!
Progressive thinking and creativity at its best, straight forward and professionally oriented. These are just some of what I will use to describe Excellence at its best.

Keron Jones. Manager. Mr. Jones Shipping & Accessories Store. Trinidad & Tobago.


Finally got the chance to voice my opinion here. My current success is entirely YOUR fault Kevin, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  After a week of his coaching I took charge of my business and was able to expand into one other country. Dude, you should write a book with all the knowledge you have. I’ve been in business for almost 6 years and never thought these results were possible until maybe I hit the 20-year mark. Thanks for proving me wrong.

Abby Cross. Entrepreneur/ Internet Marketer. East London, South Africa


There is no one alive I know that can deliver the commitment to great professional service each and every time. With utmost dedication to providing the services each business needs at affordable prices, catered to exactly what is required and needed. He is the best mentor I have ever had with extensive business experience. Bottom line... if you want your business to succeed Kevin Dass is THE person to look for...period.

Justin Young. Restaurant Manager. Trinidad & Tobago


About 4 years ago I was seriously struggling to make any headway with earning money until I reached out to Kevin Dass at Triniversal Arts. Through his personal business coaching I am now earning 5 figures a month online. I cannot recommend Triniversal Arts,especially if you've been struggling in business. They're the BEST!
Don't take my word for it. Get your own success stories when you hire them for yourself! You can thank me later. 

Skyy Jordan. Internet Marketer/Consultant. Nassau, Bahamas


This is what I have to say about Kevin Dass and his Company Triniversal Arts.
There's no question about it! I recommend them very highly!
Always delivers on-time! Stellar Customer Service and support! I even learned some new strategies that have helped me gain alot of new clients in my field! 5 STARS IS TOO LITTLE TO RATE THESE GUYS! 100/100! Thanks again Kevin.

Jon Wolff. Real Estate Broker. LA, USA


When they say “the smart choice for progressive business solutions”, that’s exactly what they mean. I am very pleased with the videos and graphics I got. I couldn’t be happier with my investment really. My ROI for just one of the marketing videos Triniversal did for me was over 440%, and tracked over 9,000 click-throughs in just the first 2 weeks. I highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Rita Gonzalves. Internet Marketer/ Consultant. Big Sky, Montana, USA.


Well Kevin has proved to be a very honorary person in my views, and he has helped in my endeavors. I mean seeing obvious implementations I missed that helped to increase revenue, thanks man, and never think I forget.... 

Justin Steer. Social Media Marketer/ MLM-er. Jamaica


t's very rare to find a honest & true friend in business who will look out for others. Kevin Dass is a true leader and visionary. He is a friend and mentor who has helped me in many ways with a straight forward way of thinking you just can't find these days. You can entrust your business and goals to him and know he will always deliver what he promises. An amazing person with extensive business knowledge and perspective. He brings the personality and realness you're going to need!

Shaylee Feist. Internet Marketer. Alberta, Canada


With over thirteen years of experience,
Triniversal Arts continues to be the
entrepreneur's-choice to help their business
Profit & Succeed in any type of economy!

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